How I got started...

I wanted to go "all natural" for my family. I had no idea
​I would start a business!

One summer evening in 2013, as I was performing my nightly ritual of slathering on perfumy hand lotion that I had bought from a popular store in the mall (I'm sure you know the one), I said aloud to myself, "I wonder if all these chemicals are good for me?"

The very next day I had taken my son and his friend to a local park. A woman arrived shortly after with her family, sat down next to me on the bench and said something to the effect of, "Did you know that all the chemicals you put on your skin are absorbed into your body?"

I was stunned! I had just ask that question THE NIGHT BEFORE and now this woman was in front of me giving me the answer! Wow! 

That encounter set me on my journey to find and use healthier, natural skin care products for me and my family. Looking back it's interesting to see how all of this unfolded. Destiny was calling...and I answered!

I went to a local store and bought a couple of the most natural hand/body lotions I could find. But, they didn't really moisturize very well. One was too runny. The other was too greasy. Ick. I gave it a shot. But, they didn't do the trick. I knew I did NOT want to go back to commercial, chemical-laden, store-bought lotions. So, I did the next best thing. I said to myself, "I wonder if I could make my own lotion?" And so began my research.

Now, I know not all of you are built this way...but I LOVE researching subjects I'm passionate about! Learning is so fun! I would read for hours and hours about natural ingredients, how they benefit us, what is an emollient, etc. One article would lead to another.

For Christmas that year I made lotion bars for my family. They're easy and fun to make. But, I didn't like how they felt on my skin. The lotion would sit on the surface and not really sink it. Then, my sister-in-law requested a lotion in a wide-mouth jar for her birthday (which is in January). I said, "Sure thing!" and began more research and experimentation. I came up with a formula that I liked and she asked me to scent it with lemon and peppermint (which she loved). I hand-stamped some flowers in the center of a circle and wrote "all-natural hand lotion" on it and adhered it to the lid. Voila!

A friend of mine asked me for a sample of my lotion (now called 'healing balm''ll see why) and within 2 WEEKS it had cleared the eczema on her hands! More people heard about it on Facebook and wanted some. In the first 5 months I sold over 100 jars of healing balm!