Shana K.

"I just wanted to thank Kelly for making such wonderful products! For a long time, I suffered with fibrocystic breasts, small, tender lumps in my under arm area. For a year now I have been using Kelly's all-natural deodorant, and now, those lumps are gone!! Her deodorant has also been the most effective versus any other over-the-counter products I have ever tried! Thank you, Kelly!"

Tina C.

"Kelly, you need to patent this. You should be selling more! I wish I had taken a picture of my hands before I used your healing balm. It is amazing! I have jars all over the place of balms and creams I've tried. None of them worked. Yours is the only one that really worked! I'm going to promote your healing balm to everyone I know! Thank you!"

Larissa K.

​ [Regarding my Healing Balm's ability to reduce swelling and itching from insect bites.] "This works amazing!"

Kim A. 

"I received a basket from my thoughtful son, and I am loving it. I got the salt scrub and healing balm which is great for getting my feet summer ready, and the facial creme and tinited lip balm are great as well. Thanks so much Kelly!!!"

Jeanne C.

"I love that healing balm, it's really healing! Love the new orange flower one! 😍"

Jan T.

"Enjoying your products I got from you at the Crowne Plaza last weekend. The intense facial moisturizer is my favorite! I've tried tons of moisturizers, including rather natural options and a range of prices and nothing has been close to Kelly May's! You are so talented and I will absolutely buy more of what you have to offer, thank you!"

Jennifer C-P.

"The BEST moisturizer EVER! All natural and home made with a lot of love!"

Louise M. - Birmingham, England

[Regarding Ginger Citrus Mango Healing Balm] "My favourite scent. I was going to say flavour because it smells good enough to eat! (yes that's flavor to you!!)"

Melissa S.

[Regarding Ginger Citrus Mango Healing Balm] "I use this cream everyday and I love it. As soon as I need more I will be reaching out."

Mary G.

"Best deodorant ever!! I have tried everything from powdery to Clinical. I love your deodorant! I need to order more because I never want to run out! Thank you so much!..xo"